About People & Solutions, Inc.

               For more than twenty-eight years, Pat and I and Brenda Lea have enjoyed coming into your organization and facilitating workshops and seminars for your people.

We’ve watched your teams become more effective together. We’ve seen improved customer service skills. We’ve been encouraged when your feedback indicated that both personal and organizational growth was taking place within your team. We’ve loved being greeted as old friends when we arrived on site for another workshop event. Many times next year’s training sessions were scheduled with us even before the current session was completed.

People & Solutions, Inc. has been a premier provider of training and consulting services throughout the Southeast and beyond with city and county governments, school nutrition departments, school transportation departments, school administrative staff, and the utility and telephone cooperatives.

We have developed many effective training programs. The years have gone by and we are no longer able to drive the miles and manage the long days on the road. But many of the training programs which we developed and which you have told us have produced effective results and which were received so well by your people are still available.

We are making them available to you as “train your own people” sessions complete with an effective PowerPoint presentation, notes and facilitation instructions, and handout masters. When you receive your package, you will have the telephone support you need – just call us. We’ll be there to assure that you have a well-received, effective training session.

If you are new to People & Solutions, Inc. be sure to click here to see what our customers have to say about our training workshops and seminars.

Remember, people are your most valuable asset and People & Solutions. Inc. provides “training that makes a difference.”

-Gene Bishop