When one of my grandsons was not quite 4 years old he developed the bad habit of whenever he didn’t get his way or didn’t like something of stomping his feet, often accompanied by clenched fists and a most ugly frown. His mother’s diligent attempts to break him of this habit just were not working. So one day I asked him if he liked getting in trouble with his mom whenever he stomped his feet. “No!” he replied. “O.K., then, let’s try a game Nanna knows. Whenever, you hear Nanna (or your Mother) say, “Attitude, Attitude” that will be your signal that what you are doing is about to get you in trouble. And, here is what I want you to do. Tell your feet to stand still and tell your face to find its smile.” He quickly agreed to my suggestion and while I was not sure if it would work or not, we were off to a good start. As the months went by, we had to play our game less and less. Then one afternoon when he was asked to do something he really didn’t want to do, he started to (as we call it in the South) “pitch a fit.” I immediately said to him, “Attitude, Attitude.” He stopped and looked at me and finally, after a few moments, said, “I’m sorry, Nan; but it’s just not gonna work this time!” Have you ever felt that way?M

One of my best friends had shared with her grandson our “Attitude, Attitude” game and she he told me later than one day she and her grandson were going somewhere in the car together when another driver really frustrated her. She felt herself really getting upset. Suddenly, her little grandson, said, “Meme, “Altitude, Altitude.” She said it took her a minute to realize he was trying to remind her about “Attitude, Attitude” and it had come out “Altitude, Altitude.”

Well! Attitude or Altitude – the message is the same. We need to keep our emotional responses under control.

Carol Kinsey Goman in the book, “Adapting to Change”, said:

“There may not be much you can do about how things are changing in your organization, but you have total control over your attitude toward that change.”

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