“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. A leader leads and a boss drives.” ...Theodore Roosevelt

A manager is:

  • Responsible for getting the work done through others.
  • The one who organizes, directs, and oversees the work of others.
  • Responsible for developing the full potential of each of their employees.
  • The one who applies problem-solving and communications skills to tasks and to team interaction.
  • The one who facilitates needed changes.
  • The person responsible for getting results through teamwork.

A manager is sensitive to and able to recognize their employee’s:

  • Needs
  • Motivations
  • Strengths
  • Fears
  • Weakness
  • Cultural Difference
  • Values


Y=Agree N=Disagree

___I am good at telling employees what is expected and how their performance will be rewarded.

___I know my employees well as individuals, especially when it comes to their needs and motivations.

___I recognize and reward good performance on a regular basis.

___I am fully aware of the resources needed to perform the job and I assure that they are provided.

___I am good at recognizing or eliminating poor performance when it occurs.

___I assure the proper supervisory assistance or training needed to help each individual employee achieve our mutually established objectives.

___ I feel I am good at encouraging personal growth for individual employees.