It was the week-end and there seemed to be more than enough chores that needed to be completed. Poppa and I had been busy all day – yard work, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. Our daughter called and said that one of our granddaughters wanted to “go to “Nanna/Poppa’s house.” We replied that she could come on over and just spend the night.

When she arrived it was getting late in the afternoon and I had not yet begun to prepare dinner. So, when she said she was hungry, I suggested that she and Poppa could perhaps have a snack to hold them over until dinner time. They decided on having a couple of cookies. Of course, having just finished vacuuming the floors, I handed Poppa a couple of napkins for them to use.

As Poppa gave a napkin to her, he explained that she should put the napkin under the cookies so we ‘wouldn’t mess up Nanna’s clean floors.’ Her immediate response was, “Poppa, don’t you know cookies just have crumbs?”

All of us have those things in life - those little irritations and aggravations and inconveniences or those people we have to work with who rub you the wrong way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, instead of reacting negatively to them, we could learn to be more patient and understanding – cause “cookies just have crumbs.”