Earl Nightingale once said, “Our attitude towards others, determines their attitude toward us.”

Several years ago I wrote a one-hour seminar called, “Whose Cheerleader Are You.” The purpose of the session was to help members of a team or people working together on a project to begin thinking about how their attitude and their way of interacting with others was a major contributor to the way others interacted with them and to the attitudes displayed by their co- The premise that attitudes can be seen, changed, and transferred was the basis for the seminar.

SEEN: Often our negative attitudes aren’t conveyed by the words we speak; but, rather by our body language. Researchers tell us that 93% of what we communicate is not done with words. It is conveyed by the volume or tone of our voice, the use of our arms and hands, the way we stand, or our facial expression. Even more interesting, our body language is governed by what we are thinking. In other words, our bodies won’t lie for our minds.

CHANGED: If the results that we get when interacting with another person are not productive or cause negative feelings, it is important to remember that we cannot change the other person. We can, however, change the way in which we interact with that person. Most importantly, we can change how we respond to that person. Remember, every person you come in contact with wants four things: They want to be shown respect; they want to be understood; they want to be listened to; and they want to feel that what they are saying or doing is accepted as being important.

TRANSFERRED: “Our attitude towards others, determines their attitude toward us.” Of course, the opposite is likewise true; however, our reaction to the other person’s attitude is a personal decision on our part. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as having said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Watch your THOUGHTS: They become WORDS.

Watch your WORDS: They become ACTIONS.

Watch your ACTIONS: They turn into HABITS.

Watch your HABITS: They become your CHARACTER.

Watch your CHARACTER: It becomes WHO YOU ARE!

Watch WHO YOU ARE: Because it becomes the ‘TEAM’.