TEAMS ARE EFFECTIVE WHEN... each person on the team respects others; strives to be a likeable person; does their part; is flexible; takes responsibility for their mistakes; cooperates with others; communicates effectively; is motivated; and is customer focused.

When we truly have RESPECT FOR OTHERS we are patient with others; we treat others with courtesy; and we think before we speak.

In order to be a PERSON OTHER PEOPLE LIKE to work with and cooperate with, we must do those things which show concern for other people’s feelings and needs.

A RESPONSIBLE PERSON can be depended on: to do their part without grumbling; to do more than just what they have to do; to come to work on time; to support each other; and to be cooperative.

Being FLEXIBLE is absolutely necessary when changes are needed and when problems arise. “Blessed are the flexible; they don’t get all bent out of shape.”

All people are MOTIVATED; however, some people are motivated more by negative thinking than by positive thinking. What we say to ourselves becomes who we are.

Be a STAR member of your team. S hare a smile; T hink before you talk; A pply positive actions; R eap the rewards.

---pat Bishop, People & Solutions, Inc.

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