Leader's Script/Notes

How Do I Use A

from People & Solutions, Inc.

  • First you select your session and place your order:

    • On-line using PayPal/Credit Card
    • By phone/E-Mail using your Purchase Order
  • Then, we send you your kit:

    • Presented to you in an attractive binder
  • Inside the front cover of the binder will be a CD which will include:

    • A Word file containing complete instructions on how to use your facilitation kit
    • A well-designed PowerPoint presentation
    • Facilitation notes and instructions
    • A master copy of the handouts for your participants
    • If your session calls for any auxiliary tools, these will be included as well.
  • Next you will see printed copies of:

    • “How to Use Your Facilitation Kit”
      • Suggestions for creating an effective learning environment
      • List of materials needed – such as pens/pencils
      • Suggestions for making your session enjoyable –door prizes, team incentives
    • “Printed copy of your facilitation notes”
      • Screen by screen instructions of:
        • What to say;
        • What to do;
        • How to debrief your exercises.
      • With room for any special thoughts you want to remember
        • Otherwise you have all you need to do your session
    • “Printed master copy of your participant handouts”
  • Also included:

    • “FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT” – who to call if you have a question or are unsure about your notes.
    • “Other Special Information”- such as workshop follow-up suggestions; exercise aids.
    • “Keeping Track”- Workshop planning guide.
  • “… a do-it yourself version that is budget friendly and extremely effective, easy to facilitate, and my folks really enjoyed them and learned from them."— Judy Hogg, Nutrition Director, Henry Co. Schools, Ga