“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” …Nikos Kazantzakis

This is a story about a little elephant. He was very small, much smaller than most elephants his age. In addition to being a small elephant, he had also become somewhat of a “mama’s boy”. So you can imagine how he felt when his owner sold him to a nearby circus without his mother.


When one of my grandsons was not quite 4 years old he developed the bad habit of whenever he didn’t get his way or didn’t like something of stomping his feet, often accompanied by clenched fists and a most ugly frown. His mother’s diligent attempts to break him of this habit just were not working. So one day I asked him if he liked getting in trouble with his mom whenever he stomped his feet. “No!” he replied. “O.K., then, let’s try a game Nanna knows.