Customer Service

Customer Service

Pamela was not quite five years old, she loved butterflies. So when her Poppa found a beautiful Eastern tiger swallowtail which had been injured by a passing car, he brought the butterfly home. He very carefully placed it a glass jar, making sure to cut slits in the lid to give the butterfly air. Pamela quickly ran into the yard

Stepping in the puddles

“It was one of those kind of days when an umbrella was a necessity. As I started to leave after visiting with my granddaughter and my three wonderful great granddaughters, four year old Madison says, “It’s raining, so remember, don’t step in the puddles.” “ “

Listening is more than hearing!

Listening is more than hearing! Talking is more than words. Seeing “eye to eye” breaks down barriers. Good communication depends on more than effective speakers. Good communication is about the quality of the communication between the speaker and the listener.

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” ---Ralph G. Nichols

Training that makes a Difference!

I remember so vividly the fourth month of the school year, 1994. Pam my nine year old granddaughter, who used to be an above average student suddenly started getting grades that were well below her potential.

For several weeks her parents tried all the usual things that parents try – talking, persuading, urging, and even taking away privileges.

Nothing was working! Mother and Daddy and Pam were all feeling a measure of frustration with each other.