Difficult People


It was the week-end and there seemed to be more than enough chores that needed to be completed. Poppa and I had been busy all day – yard work, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. Our daughter called and said that one of our granddaughters wanted to “go to “Nanna/Poppa’s house.” We replied that she could come on over and just spend the night.


Several years ago one of our many repeat clients called asking me to once again plan on doing a workshop for his staff. As we talked about the various sessions we had already facilitated for them, he asked that since I had worked with his people many times before and had a good knowledge of their needs, would I write a session for them. I agreed and subsequently wrote a session called, “S.T.A.R.”

Training that makes a Difference!

I remember so vividly the fourth month of the school year, 1994. Pam my nine year old granddaughter, who used to be an above average student suddenly started getting grades that were well below her potential.

For several weeks her parents tried all the usual things that parents try – talking, persuading, urging, and even taking away privileges.

Nothing was working! Mother and Daddy and Pam were all feeling a measure of frustration with each other.