Team Dynamics

Stepping in the puddles

“It was one of those kind of days when an umbrella was a necessity. As I started to leave after visiting with my granddaughter and my three wonderful great granddaughters, four year old Madison says, “It’s raining, so remember, don’t step in the puddles.” “ “


TEAMS ARE EFFECTIVE WHEN... each person on the team respects others; strives to be a likeable person; does their part; is flexible; takes responsibility for their mistakes; cooperates with others; communicates effectively; is motivated; and is customer focused.

When we truly have RESPECT FOR OTHERS we are patient with others; we treat others with courtesy; and we think before we speak.

In order to be a PERSON OTHER PEOPLE LIKE to work with and cooperate with, we must do those things which show concern for other people’s feelings and needs.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Our great grandson, Andrew is not quite one year old; and he is going through the “investigator stage.” He can’t walk, but he has no trouble going from room to room, from one thing to another, discovering what the world at grandmother’s house looks like and feels like. One of his favorite investigation sites is the connector box where Poppa has several electronic devices attached. It seems there are a series of blinking lights which really foster a lot of curiosity on Andrew’s part.